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11th Five Year Plan
Municipal and Urban Planning in West Bengal during the 11th Five Year Plan

  • Decentralised and balanced development in planned manner
  • Integrated development of periurban area that are susceptible to unplanned growth and development
  • Development of new townships
  • Land Use and Development Control plan to facilitate planned development
  • Holistic and inclusive development addressing the concerns of urban poor
  • Improved municipal governance to ensure sustainable growth
Urban Challenges
  • Provisioning of infrastructure - water supply, sewerage , drainage, roads, etc.
  • To ensure access to services by the urban poor
  • Efficient service delivery mechanism
  • O&M of assets to ensure sustained benefit
  • To prevent marginalization of urban poor
  • To provide a healthy and living environment
Infrastructure Development - Focus
  • To cover all urban area with improved water supply system
  • Emphasis given under JNNURM on water supply
  • Project involving Rs.617.55 crores already approved.
  • Developing improved drainage system at least in major towns and town with chronic water logging problem.
  • Development of sewerage network in phases to begin with towns having sewerage treatment facility created under NRCP.
  • Development of advanced traffic and transportation system in large and medium towns.
  • Development of infrastructural facilities through PPP also.
Planned Growth and Development
  • Preparation of long range perspective plan and sectoral plan by Dev. Authorities
  • Preparation of 5 year Draft Development plan by all ULBs (already prepared for 40 ULBs in KMA and under preparation in remaining non-KMA ULBs).
  • Preparation of Annual plans based on DDPs.
  • Preparation LUMRs and LUDCPs for all towns including fringe areas
  • Preparation of City Development Plan in various municipalities
  • Preparation of Approach Paper for Municipal Affairs & Urban Dev. Deptts. for State Level 11th 5 Year Plan.
  • Preparation of Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy
  • Preparation of Urban Poverty Reduction Strategy paper.
  • Development of Urban Strategy Document for planned urbanization.
  • Preparation of Sewerage & Drainage Development Plan for KMC
  • Preparation Urban Sanitation Strategy for urban areas.
Improvement of Urban Environment
  • Identification of landfill site on regional basis
  • Scientific management of landfill sites through PPP option.
  • Removal of solid waste in 6 KMA towns with JBIC fund.
  • Implementation of laws restricting use of plastic bags.
  • Plantation of trees in various parts of urban areas.
  • Making rainwater harvesting, solar energy and waste water cycling mandatory in houses above 14.5 metres height in urban areas.
Vision during 11th Plan
This calls for
 That are liveable, environmentally balanced and investment friendly

 With dynamic municipal system with efficient service delivery mechanism

 That cater to welfare and upliftment of living standard of citizen especially of urban poor
This calls for
 Development of physical and social infrastructure

 Holistic approach covering health, education and employment aspects
 People’s participation in planning decision making and implementation process so as to add to sustainability

 Empowerment of women, weaker section, and minority Groups

 Ensuring urban-rural integration

 Reducing disparity between KMA and Non-KMA towns.
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