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The West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993

The West Bengal (Finance & Accounting) Rules 1999.

Proper management & municipal Fund is the key to the success in urban governance. To ensure transparent and effective management of municipal Fund in the municipalities the West Bengal Municipal (Finance and Accounting), Rule, 1999 has been made. Late a comprehensive amendment has been made in the said rules to ensure maintenance or Municipal Accounts through "Double Entry Accrual Based system." In this system receivables are also entered is the book of Accounts along with the actual receipts. This new system shall reflect the assets and liabilities of a Municipality in the Balance sheet in a clear manner and shall ensure healthy finance manage of the Municipal Fund. In these rules detailed procedure for performance of financial duties; general system of financial management payment of money; loans, preparation of budget, estimate; collection of taxes; Assessment and collection of property tax; incurring different expenditure by the municipalities allowing advance; maintenance of different books of Accounts; public works and tender has been delineated.
Municipal Act
West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993 KMC Act, 1980 Howrah Municipal Corporation Act, 1980 WB Municipal Elections Act, 1994 West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978 WB Municipal Corporation Bill, 2006WB Act XXXIX of 2006, The WB Municipal Corporation Act, 2006
Salient Features of the Rules framed under the West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993:
1. Building Rules, 2007
2. Finance & Accounting Rules, 1999
3. Procedure & Conduct of Business Rules, 1995
4. Ward Committee Rules, 2001
5. Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Officer Rules, 2003
6. Remuneration and Allowances Rules, 1996
7. Internal Audit  Rules, 1997
8. Submission of Annual Administrative Report Rules, 1996
9. Municipal Employees (Recruitment) Rules, 2005
10. Municipal Employees (Death-cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 2003
11. Levy of Fee for Supply of Water Rules, 2002
12. The Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority Rules, 2006
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