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under the Department :
The department is headed by the Minister-in-Charge who is also Minister-in-Charge of the Urban Development Department.

Secretariat of the Department is located in the Writers' Buildings, Kolkata.

The Secretariat is looking after various functions of the Directorate and other Organizations, which are related with the Department.

The Secretariat is having its directorate named as Directorate of Local Bodies, Municipal Engineering Directorate (MED) and other organisatons like State Urban Development Agency (SUDA), Institute of Local Government & Urban Studies (ILGUS), West Bengal Valuation Board (WBVB), Change Management Unit (CMU) etc. The Secretariat has the following sections for discharging the assigned functions :

Non-plan Grants (Cell-II)
This cell takes care of all budget related matters and release of non-plan funds to the directorates, other organisations under the department and ULBs.

Head Quarter Establishment (Cell-III)
This cell deals with all routine establishment and administrative works of the department as well as administrative matters of Institute of Local Govt. and Urban Studies (ILGUS) and Directorate of Local Bodies (DLB)

Policy Planning (Cell-IV)
All policy matters related to municipal bodies and Municipal Acts and Rules are dealt in this cell. This cell also deals ~ith Assembly related matters.

Corporation Cell (Cell-V)
This cell looks after the. matters relating to six municipal corporations of the State including Kolkata Municipal Corporation

Audit and Land Acquisition (Cell-VI)
This cell deals with the matter related to audit and accounts of the department, directorates and municipal bodies. This cell also looks after the administrative matters of West Bengal Valuation Board. Land Acquisition matters are also looked after by this cell.

Public Grievance and Information (Cell-VII)
This cell is responsible for handling public grievance related to the department and municipal bodies and to disseminate information.

Municipal Engineering Directorate (Cell-VIII)
This cell deals with all establishment matters of Municipal Engineering Directorate.

Municipal Establishment (Cell- IX)
This cell looks after the establishment and administrative matters of municipal bodies including Notified Area Authorities.

Plan Grants and Poverty Alleviation (Cell-X)
This cell is responsible for handing all budget related matters and release of all plan funds. Matters related to the externally aided programmes and poverty alleviation programmes are also looked after by this cell. This cell also takes care of the matters related to Assembly Standing Committees.

Issue and Despatch (Cell- XI)
This cell deals with the matter relating to issue and despatch of all correspondences related to the department.

Law Matters (Cell-XII)
This cell looks after the judicial and court related matters of the department.
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