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West Bengal Valuation Board
West Bengal Valuation Board was constituted in 1978 under the West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978.
Functions of WBVB
  • To undertake valuation work in specified ULBs.
  • To apply scientific and objective methods in valuation work and the prepare data bank.
  • To remove inter-ULB anomalies in valuation.
Activities of WBVB
The activities of the Board are as follows :-

To interact with ULBs as the exercise of survey and valuation is undertaken in partnership
To help ULBs attain financial solvency through a rational municipal taxation system, which would help ULBs to meet their expenditure from their own resources, without excessive dependence on financial assistance from the State Govt.

To remove confusion and doubt from the mind of tax-payer by ensuring fair assessment based on scientific and appropriate methodology.
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