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Clean & Attractive City Programme
In order to make the urban areas clean and attractive, this campaign has been initiated in the 2004-2005 financial year. Financial reward is being every year for the last three years

As per decision in a workshop on 14.10.04, the 'Clean City Campaign' was launched in all the 40 ULBs in KMA (except Kolkata Municipal Corporation) from the DFID assisted programme, Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor. All the 40 ULBs participated in the campaign.

The objectives are,
  • Creation of public awareness
  • Response of citizens
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Street sweeping, clearance of surface drains
  • Response to citizens' complaint by ULBs
  • Action against Plastic Wastes Eco-drives
  • Special focus on cleanliness in slums.
At the end of the 'Clean City Campaign', top performers were rewarded by prizes in the form of untied Development Grants. Competition for the campaign was at two levels:

Among the 40 ULBs, the prizes of which were as follows:
1 st Prize Winner ULB
Rs. 5,00,000.00/-
2nd Prize Winner ULB
Rs. 3,00,000.00/-
3rd Prize Winner ULB
Rs. 2,00,000.00/-

The responsibilities for selecting the evaluators for judging three top winner ULBs was given to KMDA.

Among all the wards in each ULB, the top three prize winner wards were given prizes in the form of untied Development Grants for spending the prize money for development of the prize winner wards.
1 st Prize Winner ULB Rs. 50,000.00 /- 2nd Prize Winner ULB Rs. 30,000.00 /- 3rd Prize Winner ULB Rs. 20,000.00 /-

The evaluation of cleanliness among the wards of the ULB was done by judges appointed by the ULBs themselves.

The result of 'Clean & Attractive City Campaign' held in 2006 at inter municipal level was declared which is as below:

1 st Prize Winner ULB 2nd Prize Winner ULB 3rd Prize Winner ULB
Hooghly Chinsurah Bansbaria Kalyani

Minister In charge, Municipal Affairs & Urban Development Department, Govt. of West Bengal, awarded prizes to the winner ULBs. Certificates were given to three more ULBs for their commendable performance.

The judgment of ULB at inter municipal levels was made on different preset parameters. The evaluation was done by two team of judges, each team looking after judgment of twenty towns. The Judgment is awaited.
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