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Draft Development Plan
Preparation of Draft Development Plan
Presently the State Government is in a process of introducing a concept of formulation of Draft Development Plan in the Municipalities. Such Draft Development Plan will have to be formulated taking into the felt needs of the citizens and has to be discussed in each Ward Committee and subsequently in the meeting of the Board of Councillors. Such Draft Development Plan is envisioned to contain development perspective of the Municipality encompassing infrastructural, social and overall economic development including the socio-economic upliftment of both the economically and socially weaker sections of populace including women.
DDP Preparation
Following the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act (CAA), Government of West Bengal transferred all newly mandated functions to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). A new West Bengal Municipal Act was passed in 1993, which requires ULBs to prepare "Draft Development Plans" addressing the entire range of municipal functions. KUSP envisages the DDP as a comprehensive business plan of the ULBs that set out a broad vision and strategy while also providing the framework for allocating project funds and government support. DDPs will address: economic development, land-use planning and control, infrastructure development, ULB revenue and expenditure, operation and maintenance of services, organisation development and management issues. The DDP will provide a mechanism for bringing about convergence of different state and GoI programmes. Developing a robust process for the preparation of DDPs that reflects a consensus of all stakeholders and the preparation of DDPs themselves lies at the heart of this project. The DDP process would also include in its scope, the informal settlements within a municipality and would consider the rehabilitation and service needs of people living in such settlements.

The Change Management Unit (CMU), under the Municipal Affairs Department (MAD), Government of West Bengal have started the implementation of the project. All the 40 ULBs under KUSP have almost completed Preparation of DDP.

On the outset of the above, Government of West Bengal have decided to extend the DDP preparation programme to the rest 85 nos of ULBs of the State, in the same tune to the DDP Preparation under KUSP programme an now it is going in full swing under KUSP Roll out programme.
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