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Directorate of Local Bodies (DLB)
The Directorate was set up in 1978 with the mandate to oversee the performance of Municipal Bodies, coordinate their activities, analyse their budgets, assess their fund requirement, evaluate progress of ongoing schemes and do general counselling wherever needed.

The Directorate now consists of a Central Office, and in addition there are divisional offices at Chinsurah ( for Burdwan Division) and at Siliguri (for Jalpaiguri Division).
Functions of DLB are :
  • Regular inspection of all ULBs (i.e. all ULBs except Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Howrah Municipal Corporation).
  • Processing proposals of ULBs for recruitment of municipal staff as per staffing pattern.
  • Collection and compilation of staff statistics in respect of employees of all 127 ULBs excluding Kolkata and Howrah Municipal Corporations.
  • Collection and compilation of figures relating to demand and collection of Property Tax and its monitoring including municipal revenue.
  • Examination of statutory reports of ULBs like Budget/Annual Administration Report/Annual Financial Statement etc.
  • Enquiry of various complaints and allegations related to the ULBs.
  • Monitoring of DFID assisted KUSP project under guidance of CMU.
  • Examination of the replies of ULBs to the Audit Note of objection and examination of proceedings of the various ULBs.
  • Monitoring of major development activities in ULBs and other miscellaneous works like Parliamentary / Assembly questions etc.
  • Dealing Court cases pertaining to all matters of ULBs including preparation of statement of facts and para wise comments.
  • Dealing with various Establishment matters of Headquarters and two divisional offices.
  • Preparation of various statistical documents.
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