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Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor

Government of West Bengal and DFID in 1999, agreed to collaborate on the development of the "Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor" (KUSP) programme aimed at: improving urban planning and governance; access to basic services for the poor and promoting economic growth in the KMA (40 ULBs under KMA). The project is aimed to support for provision of infrastructure in slums, fill critical infrastructure gaps at the town level and in some cases also support infrastructure that serve two or more municipalities. In addition, support for the process of economic visioning and planning involving the formal and informal business sectors and also capacity building of municipalities and state level agencies is also envisaged in the project.
KUSP have different component like,
Interesting and Important components
  1. Slum level infrastructure,
  2. Intra Municipal Infrastructure – from 4th year,
  3. Trans Municipal Infrastructure (WBMDF) – from 4th year,
  4. Incentive fund,
  5. GIS and MIS – from 2nd year,
  6. Poverty surveys and impact study,
  7. Draft Development Plan/ Annual Dev. Plan Preparation,
  8. Accrual-based Double- entry Accounting in the ULBs,
  9. Citizen’s Charter,
  10. Innovative/ Challenge fund,
  11. Capacity Building,
  12. Howrah Rejuvenation and Dev. Plan,
  13. Urban Strategy for West Bengal
  14. Economic Development,
  15. Support to the Health Sector.
The Change Management Unit(CMU), under the Municipal Affairs Department(MAD), Government of West Bengal have started different above components of KUSP. All the 40 ULBs under KUSP have almost completed most of the components meant for first three years. Amongst which the most interesting and important components are
  1. DDP Preparation,
  2. Accounting Reforms (Accrual-based Double- entry Accounting in the ULBs
  3. Citizen’s Charter
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