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The West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993

The West Bengal Municipalities (Remuneration & Allowances) Rules 1996

Remuneration & Allowances for the elected functionaries are determined by this Rules. In this Rules the monthly remuneration, sumptuary allowances for the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Members-of the Chairman in Council have been determined and apart from this the monthly allowances for all elected councilors. In this rules the entitlement of traveling facilities and the manner thereof for the Chairman and the elected Councilors have been clearly delineated.
  • Chairman - Rs. 1800
  • Vice Chairman - Rs. 1400
Municipal Act
West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993 KMC Act, 1980 Howrah Municipal Corporation Act, 1980 WB Municipal Elections Act, 1994 West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978 WB Municipal Corporation Bill, 2006WB Act XXXIX of 2006, The WB Municipal Corporation Act, 2006
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