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The West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993

The West Bengal Municipal (Ward Committee) Rule, 2001

In section 23 of the West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993 the provisions for constitution of Ward Committees, in every ward of all ULBs, has been made. The constitution and functions of the Ward Committees has been determined in the West Bengal Municipal (Ward Committee) Rule, 2001. As per provisions of this rule the elected Councillor of the Ward shall be the Chairman of the Committee. Apart from the Chairman there shall be a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 17 other members to be nominated by the Councillor and the Municipality from among the residents of the ward. For a population upto 2,500 such number of other members shall be 9, and thereafter for every 500 additional populations or part thereof there shall be one additional member subject to a maximum of 17. If the number of such other members varies from 7 to 9 then two, and if the number exceeds 9 than at least three among them shall be nominated from the representatives of CDS, and if there is no CDS then such number of members shall be nominated from among the women members of the BPL families residing in the area. For selection of other members the engineers, doctors, cultural activists, social workers, educationists, etc., from among the residents of the area, shall be considered.

This rule has empowered the Ward Committee to identify the areas of priority and to take part in preparation of development plans in respect of the ward area. Apart from this the Ward Committee has also been empowered to supervise and monitor civic services being provided in the area, and also to assist the Municipality in various works related to the ward concerned.

The Ward Committee shall, within 30th June of every year, convene an annual general meeting of the citizens of the ward to apprise them of the actions taken by the Municipality in the previous year and also to interact with them about the municipal administration in the area. Similar half yearly meetings shall also be organized by the Ward Committee in October - November each year for public interaction.

Presently in this State there is 2819 number of wards in 127 Urban Local Bodies, and among these 2819 wards Ward Committees have been constituted in 2534 number of wards.

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West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993 KMC Act, 1980 Howrah Municipal Corporation Act, 1980 WB Municipal Elections Act, 1994 West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978 WB Municipal Corporation Bill, 2006WB Act XXXIX of 2006, The WB Municipal Corporation Act, 2006
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