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The West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978
This Act was first enacted as the West Bengal Central Valuation Board Act, 1978 in order to set up a Central Valuation Board for valuation and assessment of properties within the Urban Local Body areas for imposition of property tax. Prior to enactment of this Act the valuation of buildings in municipal areas were used to be done either by the employees of the Urban Local Body concerned, or by the assessors appointed by the Municipalities. In this situation this Act was enacted with a view to constitute a Central Valuation Board to ensure uniformity in valuation, objectivity in assessment and securing a higher yield of municipal revenue throughout the State. Later the name of the Act has been changed to the West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978.

The Salient points of this Act are as follows:
  • Manner of establishment of the Board.
  • Appointment of the members of the Board.
  • Employment of staff by the State Government.
  • Manner of determination of valuation and its duration.
  • Manner of preparation of valuation list after taking views of the affected persons concerned.
Two rules have been framed under the said Act, which are as follows:

  1. The West Bengal Valuation Board (Valuation of Lands and Buildings) Rules, 1984.- In this rule the manner of preparation of valuation list, procedure for handling review applications have been detailed.
  2. The West Bengal Valuation Board (Registration of Valuers and Surveyors) Rules, - In this rule the detailed procedure for registration of Valuers and Surveyors, for the purpose of assisting the Valuation Board in their work, have been stated.
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The West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978
West Bengal Valuation Board Act, 1978 (West Bengal Act LVII of 1978)
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